There are so many brands of hair dye to choose from, and that will be overwhelming when find the right hair dye brand for you. The good hair dye cannot damage your hair. It may give you healthy shine and soft into the color of your hair. To change the color of hair, hair dyes often use natural or chemical ingredients. Some dyes use more vegetable based while others are more chemicals. Choose a vegetable-derived or henna hair dye, if you are looking for something gentle and smooth. But, the listed below is the best hair dye brands that use chemicals ingredient, but still gentle and effective to give a natural color on your hair.

The Best Hair Dye Brands: L’Oreal

One of popular hair dye brands that can be found at just about any grocery store or drug store is L’Oreal. Depending on the color and strength of the hair color, L’Oreal has several different types of hair dye. L’Oreal products that have a lot of bold bright colors like gold, reds and purples are Color Rays. A product of L’Oreal that only for people with medium brown to blond hair and often use to highlights is L’Oreal Chunking Blocks or Highlights.

Best Hair Rinse Brand

Best Hair Rinse Brand

This hair dye product of L’Oreal can easily find at the drug store in $10.49. Another lone of L’Oreal products is Color Experte, which offer all-over shades in various tones. This product is the best for you, if you want extra highlight on your hair. The result of L’Oreal Paris Color Experte is more natural and awesome.

The Best Hair Dye Brands: Clairol Perfect 10 Nice ‘n Easy

Best Home Hair Dye Brand

Best Home Hair Dye Brand

A well known drugstore brand of hair dye is Clairol. One of the Clairol hair color products is Perfect 10 Nice ’n Easy, which come in many shades, from platinum blond to chestnut brown. Clairol products are formulated to be effective and gentle though use chemicals. Depend on the rate of new hair growth, the color of Clairol Perfect 10 Nice ‘n Easy can last 4 to 6 weeks. However, this hair dye product is the best to cover-up gray hair and gives shine result.

The Best Hair Dye Brands: Revlon Color Silk

Top Red Hair Dye Brand

Top Red Hair Dye Brand

Revlon Color Silk has a large different tone of various colors of black, auburn, blond, and brown. However, the Revlon Color Silk is free from ammonia and designed to give effective and gentle result. Another type of Revlon hair dye products that is easy to use is Revlon Color Silk Root Perfect. The type of Revlon Color Silk Root Perfect is a “roll-on-and-go” hair color. So, this hair dye has aim to touch ups the root of your hair.

The Best Hair Dye Brands: Tresemme

What's the Best Hair Dye

What’s the Best Hair Dye

Tresemme also has a popular hair dyes line. The Tresemme hair dye product has many different tones of several colors. They also have a wide selection of blond and brown shades. Tresemme hair color products are formulated to be effective and gently, although they use not natural ingredients. But, the products of Tresemme have good and professional salon quality.

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