Nerd girls must often be avoided by her friends because they might think that nerd girls will not be able to be fun for being their friends seen from the appearance and performance that will often be identical with the thicker glasses and too ordinary hairstyle making nerd girls are not interesting at all. If you are one of the nerd girls or you may have a nerd friend, today we are going to give you some information about the ideas of nerd hairstyles for girls that will make you more attractive and you will not even look like common nerd girls. You know, you can still wear your thick glasses, but your hairstyles can be changed into the fresher one and more stylish.

A total makeover can be done by you and we are going to give you some inspirations through the nerd hairstyles for girls which will be cuter than the usual nerd hairstyles. It is because you are as a teen should have a great sense preference even though you want still to be a nerd girl, and whatever the hairstyles which are going to be chosen by you, whether it is long, medium or shorter, one of them can be picked by you here. So, if you really want to have some changes through your hairstyles, you should not miss this part.

Long hair for nerd hairstyle for girls can also be adapted by you because it will be more prevalent for the summer season so your hair can be kept longer or your hair can also be turned towards stylish clip-in hair extensions so that fab instant hair length desired by you can be obtained. Long hair style will be made cuter if bangs can also be added by you and you may consider it because teens usually use bangs and that innocent, yet stylish look can be added and the attention will be grabbed by you. Moreover, your look can also simply be transformed by a simple style fringe, so the bangs style suited your face shape best should be found.

The Ideas for Nerd Hairstyles for Girls

Long Nerd Hairstyles for Girls

The other nerd hairstyles for girls which will give you a cuter and great look is the medium ones because the balance between the versatility and maintenance are always offered by the medium hairstyles. Moreover, the minimal styling and effort will be required by the natural, loose textures and the blunt medium or layered cuts can be chosen by you and the choice can be based on your need, just like soft layers, choppy layers, asymmetrical bobs, long bob hairstyles, or even blunt classic bobs. Stylish side swept or bunt cut bangs can also be added to your cute medium cut and your damp hair can also be parted for an undone look.

The Ideas of Nerd Hairstyles for Girls

Medium Nerd Hairstyles for Girls

The last one of the nerd hairstyles for girls is the shorter one and the reason why this hairstyle is recommended is because the facial features will greatly be revealed by your short crop hair and for this idea, Emma Watson’s pixie can be taken as the sample. Perhaps, you can still be regarded as a nerd girl, but at least you can look more stylish with the hairstyle like Emma Watson and your hair can even be managed easily. Bangs can also be added if the sexier and cuter look wants to be created.

The Recommendations of Nerd Hairstyles for Girls

Short Nerd Hairstyles for Girls

So, what do you think of the nerd hairstyles for girls recommended above? All of them will be nicer in you as a teenager. Well, good luck in trying them and be confident!

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