Either you are the fashion trend updater or follower or not, you must have good tastes in fashion so you will be able to differentiate and judge about which one is better, which one is the best and which one is the worst according to you, but today we are going to talk about the worst fashion trends in our eyes that may lead us to ask, “Really?” There are some fashion points that make them the worst fashion trends and there will be some review of the fashion trend in 2012 that should not be missed by you. Perhaps, you are started to be curious, so let us check them out now.

The first one of the worst fashion trends is when the heels are worn by you and socks are also worn by you, well, actually the value of the socks may be able to be appreciated but it cannot be said as the best idea when they should be combined with heels. It is because when you wear heels it means that your beautiful legs want to be shown off, so what are actually the functions of the socks you wear then? Socks can be worn when the sneakers are the ones chosen by you and if the reason is because it is during the winter season, so why heels are chosen to be worn by you in the cold weather?

The second one of the worst fashion trends is when the glasses frames are worn but there are no lenses and perhaps, the geek chic or smart look wants to be achieved by you, but it is not included in the best or even good idea to be worn. This kind of fashion look can actually be tricked with the glasses with the lenses but the ones which are not designed for you who have a problem in your eyes. Moreover, the muggings are also becoming a big problem meaning that leggings should not be worn by guys, it is not suitable, do you agree?

Listed Worst Fashion Trends

Know Worst Fashion Trends

The third one of the worst fashion trends is about the bagel-head which the Japanese people have originated this trend so it is getting popular around the world, but what we can say here is that this cannot be included or regarded as the best or even at least good idea in fashion trend. Also, the other worst idea for the fashion trend is the mullet skirt and dress and people have also already known about how bad the mullet haircut is and the same case in fashion that it cannot be applied to dresses and skirts. Even some people will consider this one as the weirdest fashion decision, so it should be thought twice when you want to use this.

Listing Worst Fashion Trends

The List of Worst Fashion Trends

Additionally, leather can sometimes cute and beautiful to be worn, but if the leather is worn all the time, it cannot be said as the best and at least good idea in fashion. Moreover, if the skirts over trousers are regarded as the good ones to be worn by you, this should also be thought twice because it is not a good one. The other fashion trend which can be said as the worst is the jumpsuits.

Remembering Worst Fashion Trends

See Worst Fashion Trends

The last but not least in this worst fashion trends topic is that when your hair is colored with grey color. Well, you will not look fashionable but you will look older than your real age. So, all things should be thought twice before you can wear you want.

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