Perhaps, some of you may not think of the bodysuits fashion because bodysuit is often considered only as a perfect suit that can be worn when you have an activity in the beach and you may not even see the beauty and charms of its every design, shape and also color, and therefore, we are going to know more about the fashion of bodysuit here. If you do not want to buy any of this cloth, you can then learn to make this yourself. Therefore, we will know how the bodysuit pattern can be made here.

  • For you who love sewing, there is nothing wrong if you want to try to make your own bodysuits fashion, but zipper, home sewing machine, thread, measuring tape, pins, four-way stretch Lycra, scissors, tape, marker, and larger paper should be prepared first. Now, a sheet of large paper like brown kraft paper can be laid out and it can also be laid down on top of the paper so the upper half of your body and one arm are on the paper. Your arm can be held slightly away from your body.
  • After that, a line can be drawn down the center of the body and before the lower tracing can be taped to the upper tracing so the lines can be matched, the steps before should be repeated. Now, your drawn lines are allowed to be cut along before a curve line can be drawn at the shoulder, and this line can be cut along so the arm can be separated from the body. Your paper patterns can then be pinned for your arm and body to a double layer of the Lycra fabric before the patterns can be cut around 1 inch away from all edges.

    Trendy Bodysuits Fashion

    Bodysuits Fashion Trend

  • The paper patterns can be pinned for the arm and body to another double layer of fabric before the center line of the body pattern can be lined with the folded edge of the fabric and two more arm pieces and one full-body piece should be owned by you. Moreover, the full-body piece can be taken and laid on a flat surface which should be made as the front piece before the two half-body pieces can be taken for being made as the back ones. The can be laid on top of the front piece and the side edges together can be matched as well.

    Bodysuits Fashion Making

    How to Make Your Own Bodysuits Fashion

  • The back pieces can also be pinned to the front piece along the sides of the neck and top of the shoulder and the pieces can also be pinned along the sides of the torso and legs before the pinned edges can be sewed together and a stretch stitch can be used on your sewing machine. Moreover, an overlock machine or serger can also be used before the center can be pinned back edges of the body together at the bottom and it can be closed up 5 inches before the edges can be sewed together about one inch away. The body can be laid out flat again before the inside leg edges can be pinned together and sewed closed an inch away from the edges.

    Nice Bodysuits Fashion

    Great Bodysuits Fashion

After that, the finishing of your own bodysuits fashion can be done as well. If you prefer to make your own bodysuit so your money can be saved, it is alright, but if you want the simpler way, buy the bodysuit you want online is also okay. Have an awesome bodysuits fashion.

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