Special skill and technique must be taken when the makeup is applied and if you have the skill and technique meant before, many different effects from the glamorous evening to all-natural, girl-next-door looks can be created by you when you use your makeup, but due to your age that is still too younger, you should be careful when the makeup is applied to your face. In makeup application, a balance between age-appropriate and stylish should be maintained well because there are many cases that the teen can be guessed as an adult women because of the inappropriate makeup. Therefore, as a teen, teenage makeup tips and advice are really needed by you here so the perfect makeup for your age can be created very well.

The first one of the teenage makeup tips and advice shared here to you is that the makeup can be started by moisturizing your face because your skin will be kept smooth and healthy and the perfect canvas will be able to be created by the properly moisturized skin for makeup. After the moisturizing has been done, the small blemishes can be covered with concealer and it can then be finished with loose powder and the foundation is then allowed to be applied. After that, the shade of foundation can be matched as closely as you can to your skin tone and the foundation should be blended well especially when it is applied to around the neckline.

Next, it can be followed up with highlighter that can be applied under the eyes and around the nose because the dark areas will be helped to be eliminated and your face will also be helped to be brightened before the blush can be applied. Here, a brush can be used and the excess blush can be tapped off before it can be applied in a circular motion to the apples of your cheeks. Well, when it comes to makeover your eyes, it is should be remembered that the bright and pretty colors should be preferred by you to be used.

Helpful Teenage Makeup Tips and Advice

Useful Teenage Makeup Tips and Advice

When the eye shadow is used by you, the same color as your makeup should never be preferred because your features “pop” and stand out will be made by the right colors you have chosen. Mascara can also then be applied to your eyelashes and the dark brown or black mascara will be suitable for being used on almost all skin tones so this should not be worried by you. A dark, neutral like brown can be chosen when the eyeliner is going to be worn and the upper lids can be lined along the lash line and only the outer edge of the bottom lids.

Simple Teenage Makeup Tips and Advice

Easy Teenage Makeup Tips and Advice

Then the eye shadow can then be applied on the upper eyelids and brown, tan, plum or peach should be preferred by you and white eyeliner can be used on your lower so your tired eyes can be helped to be looked more awake. Your lips can be lined with a lip liner and filled in with liner before a lipstick shade can be chosen. A small dot of gloss can also be added to the center of your lower lip so the fullness can be created.

Nice Teenage Makeup Tips and Advice

Lovely Teenage Makeup Tips and Advice

Well, there are some teenage makeup tips and advice that can be followed easily by you. Do not worry if you have no idea or you may have no experience on it, because you can still learn. Be a dazzling girl today!

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