When the words “blonde hair and highlights”, some people may have different opinions about the blonde hair which is highlighted because blonde hair itself is already awesome and some of you may also ask about if the blonde hair is still needed to be highlighted because the color is already appealing and attractive. However, some other people love to highlight their blonde hairs and if you are one of the people who want to have the blonde hair with highlights, there will be some tips that are going to be shared here to you so you can know what to do when it comes to highlight your blonde hair. If you want to know more, make sure you do not miss them here.

Ash-based color, conditioner, hat or other hair covering, conditioning gloss, and also shampoo for blonde, color-treated hair with sunscreen are included in the items needed by you and they should be prepared first before a highlight color that the blue or gray under tones like an ash blonde is owned by this can be picked by you. You know, fading and the brassy appearance will be prevented by these colors and highlight colors no lighter than three shades lighter than your natural color can be used because they are the best. The need for a new highlight coloring every few weeks will be prevented and the color can even be maintained by this.

Before focusing on blonde hair and highlights, make sure that your hair is already washed with a shampoo formulated for blonde and color treated hair because the brassiness will definitely be prevented from developing and the color will also be helped to be attached to your hair. Your hair will also be prevented from fading over time. Moreover, a formula with a built-in sunscreen should be tried to be found because the most problems and fading with blonde highlights will be caused by the sun damage.

Tips on Blonde Hair and Highlights

Blonde Hair and Highlights Tips

Next in blonde hair and highlights, the hair should be conditioned every time when it is washed with a regular shampoo conditioner and the brassiness can be helped to be fought by one designed for blonde hair. The additional protection will be added to the highlights and the fading can also be prevented when the hair is conditioned once a week with an additional conditioning gloss for blonde highlights or color-treated hair. Also, a hat or some other head covering can be worn by you so your highlights can be protected when you have some activities outside.

Blonde Hair and Highlights Ideas

Blonde Hair and Highlights Blue

The blonde hair and highlights can be turned to orange or yellow which is caused by the sun exposure, so your hair should be protected with the hat. The hair can be protected from the damage when your head is covered by the right hat. Your hair should also be conditioned several days in a row before the salon is visited again by you for a new highlight job.

Combine Blonde Hair and Highlights

The Combination of Blonde Hair and Highlights

A more natural highlighted look will be able to be produced by the hair which has already been cleaned and conditioned so your hair will be made better and smoother at the time. Well, having blonde hair and highlights means that the high maintenance will also be needed to be done. So, prepare for the maintenance very well.

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