What Causes Hair Loss? Some Reasons Cause Hair Loss

Many people think that hair loss is common problem for men. It is not necessarily true since there are many women who also face hair loss problem. Indeed, hair loss is easier to spot in men than women. However, there are many women who face hair loss problem in any age. First thing to know is some hair loss problems are normal. Hair growth has normal cycle for two to six years. Losing hair in small number is not a big deal but you must pay attention at dramatic and abnormal hair loss. There are many reasons why you face hair loss problem. This review will give information on what causes hair loss in women.

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If you are wondering on what causes hair loss, post pregnancy period can be the reason. When women are in their pregnancy period, they tend to have a high level of hormones which cause retention of hair that will fall out normally. Due to this reason, most pregnant women have a thicker head of hair than before pregnancy period. However, three to four months after giving birth, women will start to lose more hair than normal condition. It occurs since the hormone levels return and the normal cycle of hair loss and growth begins again. If your hair starts to fall after giving birth, you should not be too surprised.

Another reason on what causes hair loss is birth control pills. Birth control pills are similar to pregnancy since these pills change the hormone in women’s body. If you start to consume or stop consuming birth control pills, you might experience hair loss. Women might experience hair loss problem when they start to consume birth control pills or stop consuming those pills.

What causes hair loss? Medical treatments can also cause hair loss problem to you. For example, if women need to undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatment to fight cancer cells, the treatment does not only focus in fighting cancer. Chemotherapy is working to remove fast multiplying cells like cancer. Unfortunately, hair follicles are also included to these cells. After chemotherapy process, there is a possibility that you face hair loss problem not only on the head but also above eyes including eyebrows and eyelashes. Your armpits hair can also shed after the treatment. To help people who have passed chemotherapy, there are many hair pieces and wigs available in the market. These can be used to cover their head after facing hair loss problem.

If you are thinking on what causes hair loss, infections can be the reason. Infections can cause hair loss. Some infections are including fungal infections on scalp. Fungal like ringworm can contribute to hair loss. Most infections can be treated easily. Your hair can grow back after getting the treatment. You might find over the counter antifungal topical treatment which offers the ability to remove any fungal infection within a few days.

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Another reason on what causes hair loss is poor nutrition. If your body lacks of important nutrition, you can face problem with hair loss. Crash diets and eat disorders like anorexia are able to cause your hair loss. You should eat a well balanced diet and consume vitamin supplements to prevent hair loss.

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