Thyroid And Hair Loss In Women: Is There Any Connection Between Thyroid And Hair Loss?

Hair loss problem is common problem for women although it is much easier to find in men. However, it is different to men who suffer from baldness, women commonly deal with hair thinning problem. There are many conditions which cause hair loss. These are including stress, post-pregnancy, chemical treatments, and stress to hair. People who suffer from thyroid disease can also suffer from hair loss problem. Hair loss problem which occurs because of thyroid disease is quite extreme. Read this review to get more information on thyroid and hair loss in women.

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You might want to know the connection between thyroid and hair loss in women. As basic information, hair loss is common symptom of Thyroid disease. It is included to the most symptom checklists. Even so, it is not the only indicator of thyroid disease. Hair loss is commonly seen as secondary symptom. You might notice it if you do not treat or diagnose your disease. In the earlier stage, your hair tends to be dry and also brittle. If you suffer from thyroid problem, your hair loss problem will be the persistent one. You are not able to directly treat or stop it. As the time goes by, your hair will look thinner. However, it will not cause complete baldness.

After knowing the connection between thyroid and hair loss in women, you can find the right treatment for your hair loss problem. The treatment is including synthetic replacement thyroid hormones. Your doctor will prescribe the pill according to the results of your blood tests. The pill is used to determine necessary strength. After getting the pill, you will need to undergo follow-up tests to determine whether you need any change in dosage. For your information, the treatment only offers the ability to slow down the hair loss. It is not cure it completely.

Women who have family medial history which includes autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis are recommended to get TSH screenings. Other factors which can cause thyroid disease are including radiation exposure, thyroid surgery to remove cancer or goiter, or exposure to pesticides. If you are included to women who suffer from thyroid and hair loss in women combined with other symptoms, you should consult it to your doctor.

If you notice any thyroid and hair loss in women symptom, there is a possibility that you suffer from thyroid condition. You might pay attention at other symptoms of thyroid disease such as fatigue, weight gaining or inability to lose weight, moodiness, depression, dry and itchy skin, inability to concentrate, and much more.

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When you are looking for the best treatment for thyroid and hair loss in women, you should involve your doctor. Your doctors are able to prescribe the best medication to restore your thyroid hormone levels to normal. They can help you to handle various symptoms which are caused by your hormonal imbalance. In some conditions, hair thinning and hair loss continue after the thyroid hormone levels are stabilized. Make sure you consult with your doctors. They are able to prescribe scalp injections to stimulate hair growth. For serious case, they can refer you to dermatologist who provides specialist treatment.

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