Low Level Laser Therapy Hair Loss: Does It Work To Treat Hair Loss?

There are many people who face hair loss problem. This problem brings frustration to many people. You can imagine how surprised you are when you are waking up in the morning to find increasing amount of hair left on your pillow. You will also get frustrated if you are seeing the amount of hair left on your head which is decreasing day by day. These can lead people to lose their confidence. In this present day, you might see there are many hair loss treatments which have been offered by many companies or professional doctors. Most solutions are designed to delay the inevitable for a few more precious years. One of these hair loss treatments is low level laser therapy hair loss. This treatment is gaining popularity lately.

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What is low level laser therapy hair loss? This is hair loss treatment which is using low-energy light to energize and stimulate your scalp to encourage the growth of hair follicles. The lasers should operate within the proper wavelength so the energy can be absorbed into individual cells of the body. As the result, it will encourage renewed growth of formerly dormant hairs on the scalp. Low level laser therapy hair loss is also known as cold laser hair treatment. It is different to other laser treatments which are used for hair removal. Cold laser hair treatment is very useful for hair restoration. The main function of the treatment is ceasing the shedding hair and promoting new hair growth. Another benefit of the treatment is thickening the thinning hair.

Low level laser therapy hair loss is working based on photo-biotherapy which occurs when the cells of treated area absorb the laser light. It will stimulate cell metabolism and protein synthesis. As the result, it will improve the health and overall functionality of the cells. The laser treatment is not using laser light source which can cause heat damage. After undergoing this treatment, you will not experience cutting or burning on the skin of treated area. The energy used in low level laser therapy is much lower than energy used on laser beams which have the ability to cut or burn the skin tissue during treatment. The energy production will stimulate the hair follicles on the scalp and reverse the thinning and shedding process.

You do not need to worry since low level laser therapy hair loss is completely safe. The absorption rate of the laser is so low so using it for hair loss treatment is completely safe and painless. You might be wondering whether the treatment is really effective to treat hair loss. Based on the report from FDA, low level laser treatment has 90 percent success rate with average regrowth. The hair treatment is successful to grow 19 new hairs per centimeter. Photobiostimulation or the use of light to stimulate biological process has been used for over 30 years to treat pain and various injuries. The usage of this technology for medical treatment is not new.

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It is even better since low level laser therapy hair loss does not have any risk or there is no report on the risk related to low-level laser treatment. The process is completely safe. The only risk related to the treatment is there is a possibility that you are included to 10 percent of individuals who are not responsive to the procedure. In finding the best treatment for hair loss, you should consider getting low level laser therapy.

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