Does Conditioner Cause Hair Loss? Know The Real Reason Why Your Hair Falls

People who face hair shedding or hair loss problem might wonder what causes their hair loss problem. You might start to analyze on every aspect including washing, conditioning, combing, and styling. Another aspect which you analyze is food consumption, diet, and health. There are many people who blame their conditioner for their hair loss problem. They believe that conditioning process can make hair fall even more. The main reason why conditioning gets the blame is people notice a lot of hair shedding on their hands when applying and rinsing out the conditioners. As the result, they avoid this step to save some hair. Does conditioner cause hair loss? It is the question which people want to know the answer. Read this article to get more information.

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When you are asking on does conditioner cause hair loss, you should know that the possibility is not zero. Hair products can cause hair loss. For example, shampoo with the wrong alkaline balance is able to provide appearance where your hair has extra body and volume. However, actually it causes hair to be brittle and fall out. Shampoo with high alkaline can change your hair color and damage your hair. In purchasing hair products like shampoo and conditioners, it is better for you to purchase the products which have acid balance pH 4.5 to pH 5.5. You need to ensure that your conditioner has the same pH balance with your shampoo.

Does conditioner cause hair loss? It is better for you to know first the function of conditioner. The main function of your conditioner is protecting the cuticle layer and keeping proper balance for healthy and shiny hair. If you want to prevent any hair loss problem with conditioner, you should avoid any unnatural and chemical conditioners. Unnatural and chemical conditioners can damage your hair. It is more recommended for you to go with conditioners which are formulated from natural ingredients. Some people purchase conditioner since it is affordable and great deal for their hair in which actually it is completely bad for your hair health.

You also need to ensure that your conditioner is biodegradable. A conditioner which is biodegradable will not attract dirt and oils to clog up your pores. Tips on does conditioner cause hair loss recommend you to avoid animal ingredients. There are many conditioner products which are available at health food stores. These products are not using harmful ingredients to your hair. To avoid hair loss problem, it is better for you to keep your hair from chemical ingredients. If you are using conditioner, you should find the right conditioner.

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When you are asking the question on does conditioner cause hair loss, it is necessary for you to pay attention at the step to apply the conditioner. In applying the conditioner, commonly you slight pulling your hair to apply and rinse the conditioner. It can cause more hairs to fall out. Some experts recommend you to condition your hair before shampooing it. This process makes your hands slide over the strands from the beginning so you do not need too much tugging.

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