How To Find Dermatologist Specializing In Hair Loss

Hair loss is hair problem which can occur in men and women. There are many reasons why you face hair loss problem. These are including overuse of styling products, unhealthy diet, imbalanced hormones, depression, and much more. If you face hair loss problem, it is recommended for you to consult with dermatologist. A dermatologist has the job to evaluate hair loss problem and helps you to determine whether your condition actually needs medical treatment or can heal on its own. Here are some simple tips on finding the best dermatologist specializing in hair loss problem.

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In finding the best dermatologist specializing in hair loss problem, you are recommended to contact your general practitioner and ask for referral. Your physician can provide you with a list of dermatologists and other medical specialists which can be helpful for you. It is also a good idea to ask your health insurance company for a referral. When you are asking for referral from your physician or your health insurance company, it is better for you to ask information on the dermatologist’s years of practice and qualifications. If they have any official website, you should visit their website to get more information.

To locate dermatologist specializing in hair loss, you can use online resources. Visit some websites which offer the information on dermatologist in your area. These websites provide the information related to the dermatologist including disciplinary actions, education, board certifications, and hospital affiliation. One of those websites is The You can also visit The American Academy of Dermatology website. The website offers the information on licensed dermatologist which is close to your area. For people who do not have health insurance, you might want to visit free clinic in your area to find dermatologist. A physician in the free clinic can refer you to a dermatologist who can treat your hair loss program for free or charge you with a small consultation fee.

When you are visiting dermatologist specializing in hair loss, your dermatologist might ask your medical history. The dermatologists commonly ask about family members who are experiencing hair loss program. The question is followed by the question on genetic relationship and the type of hair loss. The information is used to determine whether your hair loss is hereditary or not. Hormones can cause the individual hair shafts to grow thinner and shorter. These are known as miniaturization. Eventually, the affected hairs will fall out and leave bare spots. Dermatologist will diagnose miniaturization by measuring hair shaft diameter. This task is done by magnifying instruments or densitometers.

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Dermatologists might test for abnormal hair shedding or Telogen Effluvium by gently pulling 20 to 30 hairs. If there are five or more hairs pull out, your doctors might evaluate diet or medications. They will help you to make adjustments which can slow your hair shedding. In your visit to dermatologist specializing in hair loss, your dermatologist might look at skin samples. It is done by scraping the skin or with punch biopsy. The samples will be examined and it will reveal microscopic fungal or bacterial scalp and skin infections. These infections commonly scar hair follicles which prevent hair growth.

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