Can Hair Dye Cause Hair Loss? Is There Any Connection Between Hair Color And Hair Loss?

Hair coloring is very popular today. Many people, men and women, are having their hair colored to enhance their beauty and hair appearance. They got their hair colored in regular manner. If you are included to these people, you might be wondering if hair coloring or hair dying can contribute to hair loss. Can hair dye cause hair loss? There are some reasons why hair loss occurs. There is some connections between hair dye and hair loss. However, the good thing is the hair loss is not permanent.

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Can hair dye cause hair loss? It can be said that hair dye has the effect to hair loss. Hair dying process with bleaching process is using chemicals which can cause the shaft to break off. The root portion will grow back after the scalp heals from chemical irritation which creates itching and redness. For people who suffer from hair loss after getting hair color treatment, it is mostly caused by damage to the hair shaft. After getting this treatment, your hair can get weaker. When you are taking shower or brushing your hair, you will see more hair. According to many experts, you should use dye within three shades of your natural hair color to minimize the chance.

There are some misconceptions related to hair dye and hair loss. There are many women who think their hair has more body after getting it colored. For your information, the real reason that your hair seems having more body is because it has frizz or damage. Dying your hair makes it more susceptible to static electricity. It makes the hair look fuller. If you are asking the question on can hair dye cause hair loss, hair color does not lead to hair loss. However, it is indeed damaging your hair and causing it to break. You are not recommended to color your hair too frequently. If you are not mastering the technique, you should not do it by your own. Get professional help to apply the hair color.

Hair color should be applied properly. Avoid improper hair color application since it can cause damage. Can hair dye cause hair loss? Yes it can if your hair is damaged. To avoid this problem, it is necessary for you to choose the best color method while keeping your hair moisturized and conditioned. There are many hair color products which are available in the market. Make sure you choose the best hair color product. Go with reliable or high quality product since cheap products can cause damage to your hair.

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Can hair dye cause hair loss? Timing holds important role. The best way is waiting at least 6 weeks in between treatments. It allows the scalp and roots to heal completely from irritation. Make sure your irritation to heal first before getting another treatment. It prevents you from experiencing hair damage which leads to hair loss. If you are planning to use home coloring product, you should consult with hair stylists to check what can be done to avoid any further damage and potential temporary hair loss.

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