Brazilian Blowout Hair Loss: Does It Really Occur?

Brazilian Blowout is gaining popularity today. What is Brazilian Blowout? It is a product which can straighten curly hair. The product has been available in the market for a long time. If you hear about Brazilian Blowout, it means the special treatment to straighten your hair. The treatment also includes hair improvement by nourishing and moisturizing the hair. It is formulated to help the end of your hair from being brittle and can make your hair healthy and shiny. The treatment was safe to use but now there are some questions related to the safety of Brazilian blowout. Does the treatment cause hair loss problem? Read this article to get information on Brazilian blowout hair loss.

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Lately, you might hear often about Brazilian blowout hair loss. People began to complain about hair loss after they used the product. The latest fact related to Brazilian blowout which is revealed lately is Brazilian blowout contains of formaldehyde. This content can cause hair loss and irritated and dry scalp. It is known for long time that formaldehyde is not safe chemical. Formaldehyde usage can cause various health problems. You are not recommended to use formaldehyde. It is stated that product with formaldehyde has been taken off the market. If you are wondering about Brazilian blowout hair loss, it did occur and some people suffer from this problem.

Some people are reported experiencing Brazilian blowout hair loss. If you are included to these people, you need to take some necessary steps. The first thing to do is to stop using the product. According to some people, after using the product, they suffer from headaches, eyes problems, very tender scalps, and hair fall in clumps. The symptoms are like thinning hair. These are the reasons why they are asking does Brazilian blowout cause hair loss.

To handle Brazilian blowout hair loss, some women try to use the supplement which is known as Biotin. The supplement can be good option. It might not be too helpful for keeping your hair to stay at your head but it does not hurt them. Other women prefer to get the best hair treatments to stop their hair from falling out. You might want to visit your dermatologist to get the best solution. For your information, it is not isolated incident which is experienced by one or two women. There are many people who have suffered from Brazilian blowout hair loss. After long months of treatment, they still experience hair fall.

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The main aspect which causes Brazilian blowout hair loss is the formaldehyde content. Formaldehyde is the chemical used as preservative, embalming agent, and disinfectant. Formaldehyde offers the ability to modify your hair proteins which are known as keratins. It will cause your hair to return to its original, smooth, and healthy state. This chemical can be harmful at room temperature and when they are heated, the intensity will be increased and cause harm for you and your stylist. Formaldehyde is not illegal and can be used in cosmetic products. However, the usage of the chemical is quite risky. Due to the reported health risks, FDA has stated that Brazilian blowout is misbranded because its label and labeling make misleading statements related to the ingredients. Brazilian blowout hair loss occurs at some people. You might want to think twice before getting the treatment.

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