Average Hair Loss Per Day: How Much Amount Is Normal?

It is normal thing for your hair to shed every day. However, you might want to ask how many shed hairs every day considered as normal. You might be wondering on average hair loss per day. The first thing which you should know is how come shedding hair or hair loss is normal thing. As basic information, hair undergoes through three phases in its life cycle. The first phase is the anagen phase. It is the healthiest and most normal phase where you get the healthiest hair. During this phase, your hair will grow actively. It will be deeply embedded into the follicle. You might also see your hair is properly nourished. People who face hair thinning problem should get their hair in the anagen phase and keep it there for as long as possible.

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The second phase is the catagen phase. In this phase, hair starts to die off and gets ready to shed. Your hair will no longer get nourished. It is also no longer growing actively. In this phase, you might see many fly away hairs which cannot get tamed. These hairs were in catagen and were getting ready to shed. The final phase is the telogen phase where the hairs are falling out. Even though the phase is known as resting phase, your hair will fall out in this phase. Your hair will stay for about two months before falling out. This is the reason why people who have telogen effluvium or excessive hair shedding recognize a lot of hair loss about three months after the trigger. These are including giving birth, starting new medication, and much more. It takes time for the hair to rest before falling out. People can notice their hall falls out more than average hair loss per day.

Many dermatologists stated that ten percent of hairs on head are in the telogen or falling out phase. The typical head of hair has 100,000 or more hairs. The ten percent is approximately 100 hairs per day. This number is not always necessarily accurate. It is because not everyone has 100,000 hairs. Average hair loss per day can depend on each person’s condition.

Some professionals stated that 50 -100 hairs per day is average hair loss per day. If your hair falls out in this number, you do not need to worry. However, it still depends on each person condition. If you face thinning hair problem, you will be able to feel it. You will be able to know which one is your normal hair amount and which one faces the problem.

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To conclude, losing hair with average hair loss per day is normal thing. Each person does not lose the exact same number of hairs every day. However, there is an exception of telogen effluvium where something has changed in your body to put greater percentage of your hair in the resting phase. These are including pregnancy, switching birth control pills, changing medication, or surgery. If your hair is shedding more than average hair loss per day, there must be certain reason behind it.

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