Cosmo Beauty Supply in Chicago

                In 1990, Cosmo Beauty Supply began as one store in Chicago. But, nowadays, Cosmo Beauty Supply provides over 10.000 best and professional quality products for nails, skin, and hair from a lot of big brands to retail their customers. For professional cosmetologists’ product needs, this beauty supply has a heritage as the first choice beauty supply.

Women always express their lifestyle, creativity, and mood on her hair style or colour. Most of women receive and command the highest level of services and the best products for their hair, from the professional women to the high fashion models. Cosmo Beauty Supply offers the widest variety of styles, colors, and lengths that can satisfy their clients.

Cosmo Beauty and Hair Inc - Chicago, IL

Cosmo Beauty and Hair Inc – Chicago, IL

Cosmo Beauty Supply is one of the world’s leading beauty supply, which has always set the best standard for continues the hair industry growth. Cosmo Beauty Supply offers a wide range of hair product brands such as Outre, Milkyway, Sensationnel, Ever Beauty, Bohyme, Janet, Bobbi Boss, and Beverly Johnson. Cosmo Beauty Supply also offers some hairpieces such as ponytail, half wig and wig from some best brands such as Its A Wig, Janet, Outre, Sensationnel, Beverly Johnson, Harlem 125, New Born Free, and Motown Tress.

Cosmo Beauty Supply in Chicago: Skin and Hair Care

Cosmo Beauty Supply - Calumet Park, Illinois (IL)

Cosmo Beauty Supply – Calumet Park, Illinois (IL)

When it comes to be beauty and health issues, hair and skin is the most important things for some women. Skin and hair require high maintenance to keep them still health. So, there are many beauty care products to take care your skin and hair health. As the biggest beauty supply, Cosmo Beauty Supply provides a wide variation of skin and hair care products for their clients. The skin and hair products from Cosmo Beauty Supply include some famous brands such as Iso Plus, Luster, Soft Sheen-Carson, Crème of Nature, Motions, Vitale, TCB, Elaste QP, B&B, Mane ‘n Tail, Organic Root Stimulator, Dr. Miracle’s, and VIA.

Cosmo Beauty Supply in Chicago: Hair Tools

Cosmo beauty supply in Chicago

Cosmo beauty supply in Chicago

To styling your hair, you may need some hair appliances or tools such as straightening iron, curling iron, hot rollers, or hair-drying. These hair tools may be able to easily find in a beauty supply like Cosmo Beauty Supply. Beside these hair styling tools, Cosmo Beauty Supply also offer some barbering and salon tools for professional hair stylist. There are many hair tools brands in Cosmo Beauty Supply such as Andis, Wahl, Oster, ORA, Stella, ROD, and Gold ‘n Hot. Cosmo Beauty Supply provides these hair tools to make you more creative when styling your hair.

Cosmo Beauty Supply in Chicago: General Merchandise

Cosmo Department Store (Customer Beauty Supply)

Cosmo Department Store (Customer Beauty Supply)

Besides offering a lot of beauty care products, Cosmo Beauty Supply also provides a wide range of general merchandise. Cosmo Beauty Supply offers some jewelries such as body jewelry and earrings for women who like to look glamour and gorgeous. Some Cosmetic such as Lipstick, Mascara, and Nail Polish may be offered by Cosmo Beauty Supply. Another general merchandise in Cosmo Beauty Supply are including hair rollers, hair accessories, brushes, uniforms, stockings, doorags, wrap caps, T-shirts, hoddies, under wears, jogging pants, belt and socks.

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